Is age a barrier to hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation for the restoration of androgenetic alopecia is purely a personal issue to the patient himself and as long as there is motivation and desire it can theoretically be carried out.

Technically the procedure of hair transplantation has no age limit, unless there are such health problems that cause a functional inability for the patient to maintain the necessary position during the whole operation.

As for the expected results, there are many factors such as general health problems or skin pathological conditions that may occur over time, systematic medication intake, as well as skin and hair follicles damage due to aging process that can have negative impact on both the quality of the hair follicles extracted from the donor area as well as in their chances of survival in the implanted area. Finally there is a high risk of problematic growth of the transplanted hairs and insufficient result of the hair transplantation.

In an effort to ensure a satisfactory result and depending on the nature of the problem that the patient presents, there is the possibility of applying other additional hair therapies in combination with hair transplantation. Skin mesotherapy, hair vitamin supplements intake and minoxidil local scalp application are basic additional hair treatments that over time can enhance the quality of the hair and favour the result of the hair transplant.

Alternatives such as use of microfibers on thin and sparse hair, special micro tattooing (scalp micro pigmentation) and use of scalp hair pieces are good options when hair transplantation is not recommended nor indicated.