What are the differences between the strip technique and the FUE/Implanters technique?

    The differences between the two techniques are very essential regarding mainly the surgical skin trauma (injury) and its consequences. 

    In the strip technique the most important issue is not just the apparent to some extent skin scar at the donor area, but mainly the technique’s aftereffects to the treatment result itself. The preparation – formation of the hair follicles that will be finally transplanted is done with continuous skin shredding that negatively affects their quality and survival and therefore the growth of new hairs.

Also, the usual way of implanting these hair follicles using tweezers in pre-made skin slots (reception holes), causes extensive healing fibrosis in the skin of the recipient area. This fibrosis affects negatively both the new hair final growth percentage and the naturalness of the transplant’s result regarding the direction and angle of growth of the hair. 

    In the FUE/Implanters technique, in the hands of an experienced surgeon, the surgical skin trauma is definitely more limited and becomes minimal. There is no case of any apparent scar on the scalp, no preparation whatsoever of the hair follicles prior to their implantation thus their quality is not affected, no making of reception holes on the recipient skin, while certain precision surgical tools are used for both the extraction (electric punch) and the placement of the hair follicles (implanters). 

As a result of all the above, the skin healing fibrosis is the least expected and the survival of the hair follicles is not reduced in any sense.  The new hair final growth percentage is very high and even more than 90% presenting at the same time a completely natural hair image.