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Hair Transplant how important is the patient’s role?

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that involves two major treatment periods The surgery Presuppositions for a surgically successful hair transplant The recovery period It involves: 1. The healing process 2. The permanent reception of the skin hair follicular grafts in the recipient skin As in any case of skin transplantation, so in the case of hair transplantation the skin…

What time should a hair transplant take place?

The method

Extraction from the occipital part of the scalp (donor area) of skin micro grafts that contain various number of hair follicles

Implantation of these grafts to the alopecia area without any kind of processing/damaging them and without making any previous reception holes but instead placing them immediately into the skin with the use of implanters.

Is age a barrier to hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation for the restoration of androgenetic alopecia is purely a personal issue to the patient himself and as long as there is motivation and desire it can theoretically be carried out. Technically the procedure of hair transplantation has no age limit, unless there are such health problems that cause a functional inability for the patient to maintain the necessary…

Hair transplantation at a young age. What you need to know.

Hair transplantation at a young age     It is generally believed that scalp hair loss occurs and characterizes large age groups of men. This view is fundamentally wrong. Hair loss can be a major problem for many young men affecting negatively their psychology and causing them to have low self-esteem. It is no coincidence that many young people who lose…

Having a hair transplant in Summer time. All you need to know

When Should I Have a Hair Transplant? If you are wondering what time to get a hair transplant, the answer is simple: whenever you feel ready! Once you have made the decision and you have chosen the experienced scientist to restore your hair loss problem then the time moment you have a hair transplant is not really an issue. Hair…

Hair Transplant: Complications & Postoperative Instructions

Although hair transplantation is a relatively painless and safe procedure, it is still a surgery. Therefore it makes sense to wonder if there are any complications and risks. The Golden Rule for fewer Complications after a Hair Transplant Before referring to hair transplant and its possible complications, it is important to emphasize that there is a way to minimize risks…