What time should a hair transplant take place?

Hair transplantation is a medical procedure that lasts for several hours and
requires patience and cooperation by the patient, especially regarding the limitation
of his mobility on the operative bed. From one point on the patient may complain of
musculoskeletal discomfort, or get annoyed by his long lasting lying down position
and become anxious. His vital signs (heart rate and blood pressure) may be
affected / risen causing problems to the operative procedure. Over time he may
also feel the need of a good meal and fluids because of his rising metabolic needs.
He will eventually have to take post operative medications in the evening.

 For all the above reasons it is nice to start a hair transplant in the early morning
hours and or end it ideally in the afternoon rather than in the evening. The physical
and the psychological state of the patient ensure the smooth progress of the whole
surgical operation and its final result.